Rose Cayanan To Enter The Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza Contest

Artist: Rose Cayanan

Every stroke a painstaking passion. Every detail speaks volume of how much dedication there is to a painter, whether one is still learning or one that has found perfection in every image drawn. It's been a while that I followed the work of Rose Cayanan online. Every time she posted her artwork I am amazed of its blunt and bold use of color and how alive it is.

Rose Cayanan
I am not a painter to rate her work or even criticize what maybe some loopholes of her artistry. I don't have that skills and knowledge to even figure out what color are those that made her painting exceptionally pleasing to the eyes. That's all I hold in my conviction that Rose Cayanan's painting is worth a platform to show to the world with her absolute  inner patience in creating her work.

I haven't meet yet this reluctant painter except on Facebook. We chatted sometimes and I made it a point to check on her updates for new painting. It looks so real. Sometimes I can't figure out whether what she posted was her work or if it was a downloaded photography. The thing that connects us is her art. Often I showed her work to my friends and all they can say is, "Wow!" because it looks so real.

Although I've been following her earnestly, I refrain from telling her to put her work for Exhibits. I could sense she is a very private person. Someone who hardly toss her work to claim her authority as a painter. She is laid back and content painting consistently and I guess selling her work to friends. But this will change  as she agreed to participate this first Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza (VFE) and joined the Talent Contest of various genre. I will not let a gifted artist miss an enormous opportunity to showcase her talent. I want to bring her out from the corners of her room for an extraordinary exposure. Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza is Vaughan's first Filipino Festival with an expected magnitude of spectators.

Artist: Rose Cayanan

Proper and timely EXPOSURE...something that any artist needs and something that often overlooked by many. I am giving my full support to Rose Cayanan and it starts from here, my social media platforms and this is just the beginning for Rose Cayanan.

Artist: Rose Cayanan

My father may have disrupted my dream to become an artist as he prohibited me from studying college in a school in the city that offers Fine Arts. I can undo that failing dream by helping someone  who uses every stroke of her brush a therapeutic and healing metaphor of what God has bestowed on this artist.

Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza where Rose Cayanan joins the Talent Contest.

It doesn't matter if Rose Cayanan will win or not. The fact that she has come out to show her passion and talent in such a large platform will be enough for the first time...I sure do wish she'd win. Either way...a door has opened for her. Please come and give our support to this artist. She will be in on Sunday, June 24th about 2PM. I will be there with my friends. And many other entertainments, foods, vendors. Bask in the sun on these two day event from Saturday June 23-24, 2018 with our Cebuana actress Kim Chiu and other visiting performers. Do not forget our array of talents from our community. 


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