Hometown of Late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Water Supply A Health Risk

The Municipal Building of the town of Talibon- Hometown of late Philippine pres. Carlos P. Garcia

My high school classmate asked if I could help solved the water problems of our town, I guess last year? I tried to speak to the sister of the mayor to inquire why is it happening. I cannot recall what the conversation was and what the reason was? I stopped there because the mayor is very close to our family especially my father. But this issue now concerns the safety and well- being of the people of Talibon and must be addressed promptly and aggressively.

The town's problem is that, the water supply is dangerous to human consumption because it has the color similar to coffee as alleged. I was told it is murky, muddy and in plain language, not crystal clear which means it is dangerously unfit for human consumption even for washing and bathing. This colored water that runs in the faucet of every home in Talibon poses health risks and must be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, the municipality of Talibon will reimburse the expenses spent by its people in buying filtered water. Talibongnons, as we are called, are in dire need of answers. And not just answers, now adequate action is now required publicly why the failure to resolve this problem from the highest official that oversee this kind of problem.

Who is responsible wth this type of problems, such as the water supply? The supplier of this water is the TALIBON WATER DISTRICT is what I was told. In this time of Duterte, is there still an agency in his government that doesn't do as mandated by their office especially that it concerns  water? How on earth is the birthplace of one of the country's presidents, with all its glorious facade and modern landscapes failed to respond to one of the basic needs of human life such as water?
The front view of the municipal building of Talibon.

Is it the pipe that are old and should be replaced? Or has there been monies intended for this but went astray? The Talibon municipal offices and all its branches will now look at this issue urgently. We need answers why for so long this water problem remains unsolved. Why the water is colored like mud, like coffee and murky?

Who heads the TALIBON WATER DISTRICT?  Talibongnons need answers and actions why their water supply is inhumanly unsanitary.

This blog will be shared aggressively to reach the office of the president and the Philippine Cabinet Secretary for immediate and prompt action.

TALIBON is the birthplace of the late Philippine president Carlos P. Garcia and the now Vatican Envoy and Permanent Observer to the United Nations in New York. The inaction of officials to address this problem is highly insulting. This is more than a slap on every Talibongnon's face and to prominent Talibongnons..

Now a follow up call will be made to the Philippine government's complaint hotline and updates will be posted in my platforms. I will also make sure someone in Talibon will monitor this problem see if work and progress  will be seen in the coming weeks or months. No one should be upset in any municipal quarter because this has been going on for years, as I was told. Someone has to stepped up and I assure everyone I am not alone on this issue.

We would like to know where is the inaction here is; Is it from the national government or the local government? We need to know if funding to resolve this issue has been requested by LGU Talibon to the national government. Or whether an inspection on the conditions of the water supply has ever being made.

This is stage one....



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