Merecyl Cauton: A Selfless Woman of Character

Merecyl Cauton. Photo by Li ERON

In the higher echelon of our Filipino Canadian community where some elevated themselves from among the ordinary, Merecyl Cauton does her stuff as she wants it.

I first saw her hosting an event for Caregivers. She was wearing a stunning yellow gown, a standout color. Some I admit, looks stunning however short with character. I was seated in the audience as I normally do when I am attending events using long lens so I don't have to disrupt or obstruct the audience watching the show.  I am embedded just give me a seat without obstruction.

Merecyl Cauton stood stoic, calm and confident standing at the podium. Ryan Orlanda completed the antics of a well- versed host of the event. In my life as a writer, I spot brainy people right away. People with extra gift whatever it is and then I started to follow quietly online. Perhaps because I am cautious with my own people so I choose those with open-minds. The one that is a little Canadian in thinking, nothing backward. Someone who understands how to play and build its own unique character.

Merecyl Cauton is free- spirited. She wears anything skimpy that older generations will yank their eyeglasses to vent a curse. She is actually good at it. Putting up a pleasant provocative outfit that makes her completely different from those nervous and highly uncomfortable trying to be sexy women. I also admire her hubby for giving her that room to exercise her independence.

But this woman is not just limited to expressing her girl power. She is actually a local model where you can see her in bigger fashion shows. She is also passionate in singing. Not only that, she is an indie actress whose role is short but noticeably natural. In Mangarap Ka Indie Film which is set to be shown in Durham Region this coming September 29th 2018 after a Boodle Fight, you will note  her performance on this film.

Every month, she is sitting on Straight from Li ERON, the Sunday weekly Public Affairs Program to punctuate. I find her able to dissect any topic without prior script. She will just come  and ride on with the subject at hand. That is brilliance. The reason she is occasionally asked to help out in my radio show is to keep this talent afloat. There is a deeper reason for that; a pending project.

I am still testing the waters of Indie films and which genre maybe more acceptable to our community. When I am ready, Merecyl Cauton will stay as my choice to play the main role. Maybe a little funny, crazy and annoying role.

Wherever destiny leads for this bigger than life wife, mother and woman of character. Who she is reflects our Canadian spirit of being free and of being different.


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