Hon. Andrew Scheer: Canada's Opposition Leader Marches With Crowd At Pinoy Fiesta Toronto

Hon. Andrew Scheer @ #pinoyfiestaTO

Hon. Andrew Scheer, Canada's Opposition Leader and head of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada  and could be the future Prime Minister of Canada, entered the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with Rosemer Enverga in tow and Markham's Conservative MP and joined the Santacruzan. He was wearing a Barong Tagalog. Hon. Andrew Scheer is pretty much oozing with appeal and charisma however polite. He never shy away at photos being taken as he moves around and mingle with spectators and participants, including this writer who posed with him candidly.

Hon. Andrew Sheer with Li ERON @pinoyfiestaTO 2018
To describe him, he is a crossover between Ian Veneracion and Aga Mulach. Don't you agree? But physically, Mr. Scheer is noticeably tall.  He was pleasant as he smiles at everyone, part of being a politician I guess but his charm undeniably floats I want a Federal election now.

Let us recall that his predecessor, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the one who appointed the late Senator Tobias Enverga Jr. into the Red Chamber. The Conservative Party of Canada has a certain closeness to the Filipino community. That recognition of our values as Filipinos who helped Canada's economy is indicative of today's event where he fondly mingled and acknowledge our heritage as Filipinos. Rosemer Enverga, the widow of the late Senator, showed her prowess as a hostess where she bravely stood stoic in the absence and sudden demise of her husband who started this celebration in 2008. Her children, which were seated in the front row seats bear witness to the legacy of their father, the late Senator Enverga Jr.

Andrew Scheer @ #pinoyfoestaTO with ConGen, Romy Rafael, Rosemer Enverga & Markham MP

Hon. Andrew Scheer was warmly welcomed by the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation president Mr. Romy Rafael and other officers of PCCF who had the chance to come near him. Below was his speech at #pinoyfiestaTO...

Andrew Scheer @ Pinoy Fiesta TO 2018


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