Hon. Leoncio Evasco Jr.: This Man Must Keep The Fight Against Corruption Burning

This post was shared and viewed over 30,000 times and it disappeared from here....This post was political so either I accidentally deleted it or a geek ensured it shouldn't be accessed anymore. Who knows.... The Philippine Cabinet Secretary during his unofficial visit in Canada last year 2017. Photo: Li ERON

The Philippines is a cancerous society for a very, very long time. Corruption has reigned in this land for many ages and often, they won without a fight. When was it when a warehouse full of sacks of rice in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda went all rotten because whoever was in-charged of distributing it failed the people miserably? But people tend to forget big time failures and clear corruption in front of them. The Filipinos will only shake their heads and move on as if it is a normal way of life. Look at the houses they built (featured by Ted Failon) where it all cracked and crumbled which is unsafe for dwelling. Obviously, the monies intended for this project went to someone's pocket or a group of crocodile pockets. It's hard to topple a deeply- rooted  corrupt practices so well embraced by people of power the ordinary citizens think it is alright.

Here comes Duterte, the president with a scary verbal narratives at times trying to eliminate the disease. People sense his utmost desire to get rid of the rotten people in the government. I do believe, even if I am on the other side of the globe, that he is sincere and passionate in changing a country so used to graft and corruption. Pres. Duterte appeared strong in his stance in doing what he believe is right. The problem is, how much information he is getting from the people he trusts? It is crucial that the president receives the right information. He looks pretty smart, unfazed and unafraid in executing his actions for the good of the people. But who gives him the right informations?

Corrupt individuals with corrupt agendas who wanted to perpetuate their purpose can rally the biggest and strongest group and strategy to put aside those who are working with honor and integrity. In all cases, these evil will succeed because often, crocodiles are highly manipulative. They know exactly which one to use and twirl on their palms.

During his visit in Durham Region in 2017. Photo: Li ERON The problem with NFA is indicative of someone maneuvering a very bad game of poking their hands on people's number one staple: rice. The media had been hammering that some kind of anomalies are happening on the NFA rice supplies that were diverted somewhere else and it looks like, the NFA Administrator and those with him is standing firm as if they don't have a hand on it. Probably, so let's see the outcome because the replacement of the Philippine Cabinet Secretary as Chair of NFA Council slightly dented and defeated the purpose of creating new environments free from corruption it should not be celebrated as a win to those who wanted him gone.

For me, as a concerned citizen of my birth country, watching and following closely the events unfolding in the current Administration, the departure of the Cabinet Secretary as NFA Council Chair will illuminate and transpire what is underneath this problem. Good men may bruised because they tend to follow the rules. The brazen ones momentarily enjoy their triumph.  But for me it's a good thing because now then new developments will rise. The good people will now watch closely what will happen next. For me, it is a good thing that the president decides to put this Honourable man away from infuriating circumstance within the NFA. I welcome it with caution to the people who maybe calling him at some comments, "The lame duck of NFA." The Cabinet Secretary is not lame. He is simply a man of honor who follow the rules, something that this country is not used to.

Hon. Leoncio Evasco Jr. with the late Filipino-Canadian Senator in his Senate Office in Ottawa 2017. Photo: Li ERON
I am not a paid writer. The Cabinet Secretary does not know me well. We only met once in his unofficial visit to Ontario. And yet, I know quickly, he is a man of analytical brilliance, never impulsive. People with pure hearts do not step on other people's shoes to rise and hold power even if he can. I welcome his departure as NFA Council Chair and together, without him there anymore, let us put the burden to the Department of Agriculture for  a good clean up their department needs to do.

Lastly, let me share the Philippine Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. statements as quoted in full below.


“Statement of CABSEC on the New NFA Arrangements

Maayong Hapon sa inyong tanan. I would like to thank President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for designating me and giving me the opportunity to chair the National Food Authority (NFA) Council. I also wish to thank the other members of the NFA Council for the one and a half year governance work in the NFA.
I have full respect for the decision of the President given the encompassing nature and impact of the NFA to the Filipino people and the farmers.
We have put in place several policy guidelines that have provided a more transparent, competitive, inclusive, and accountable system of procurement and distribution of NFA rice as a result of more than 20 Council meetings since my designation by the President as NFA Council Chair. The importation of close to 805, 200 metric tons of MAV rice without a cent spent by Government is also an attempt by the council and this administration to not add to the liabilities it has incurred since its creation through Presidential Decree no. 1770. Finally, we have been able to also make sure that decisions of the Council are collegial in nature and bring together the critical and evidence-based reports and inputs coming from DOF, DTI, NEDA, and BSP, and even our banking institutions in the Board, namely the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines while building on the reports provided to us by NFA management.
In my more than 20 years in public service including 3 terms as Mayor of the Municipality of Maribojoc in Bohol, I have never been charged with malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance in the exercise of my office. I have never been investigated by any office on any misdealings, let alone I have never been charged before the Ombudsman / Sandiganbayan for any corrupt practices.
I can never break the trust given to me by our President especially when he appointed me to the position I am in now, a position I did not ask for but wholeheartedly accepted in order to help him govern our country to make government responsive to the needs of our people. I can never break the good relationship I have with the President, a relationship we have built through the years with the people we have worked with. I will never put my family in a position of compromise after all the support, sacrifice and love they have given to me as I continue to serve this government and the people.
It has been a challenge to be part of these reform agenda in the NFA and in the government in general, especially with the effort of some sectors to discredit my name and that of the Council. Nevertheless, making sure that these reforms were implemented during my watch are worth the effort and that of the Council members. All these have given me lessons, learnings and insights that I will treasure and nurture as we continue to move toward better, cleaner and effective government service to the people.
With the President´s decision to transfer the governance to the next Council Chair, I believe that NFA can continue moving forward towards ensuring that corrupt, exclusive and debt-ridden practices during the past administrations will not reign in the next transactions to pass.
I call on the next Chairperson to take advantage of what we have started and continue the systems transformation so that it can take root in the NFA. This critical juncture is the best time for NFA to move towards being a true partner of the farmers in delivering better quality services, a true partner of the Filipino consumers in providing affordable and quality rice to the public, and a true partner of the nation in ensuring food security, especially during calamities and disasters.
Finally, we call on the people to continue their support for a better NFA and National Government in line with the Agenda of our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Salamat po.


Sec Leoncio B. Evasco Jr. “

Let's share this and be informed and let us keep supporting government officials who work for the people with passion, dedication and with pure hearts. Let me also end this blog with caution that this will happen again because this man, Hon Leoncio Evasco Jr. will remain a hindrance to those individuals who are greedy for power and imploring corrupt practices to bring back the country again to the abyss. Be vigilant people and let no one grab the flames of good service from him.


Li ERON is a Fil-Canadian community blogger, radio host and four times community leader awardee based in Ontario, Canada.


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