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Broadcast Media: Tougher Than I Think!


Life is always a paradigm. It is definitely a playing field. No one wants to stay stagnant in one corner and do the same thing over and over again. Sometimes we need to embark on something we thought is as easy as skipping rope. But when the swinging rock hit you on the face, it knocks you down. Boy, you grappled to cling on anything that gives you reassurances.

STRAIGHT From Li ERON was simply a blog title that fits the tone of my focus and purpose. You can find me on Facebook and other social media platforms. But you seldom see me captioning and recycling news except on sharing relevant information beneficial to friends and those who read my threads. STRAIGHT From Li ERON is an authentic title at whose words and stories aren't the ripples from other people's minds. It all comes from me and I own it. It means when something goes wrong, I'd be alone fending on my own shortcomings. It is free from any influence.

Transitioning from blogging to broadcast media feels like easy when actually it was tougher than I can imagine. Public speaking is not my kind of thing. So facing the mic and going live on air was like facing a firing squad or worst a needle in the clinic for a blood test. Every Sunday's episode is like going to a battle inside the Pinoy Radio Studio in Vaughan where this broadcast platform is located. So why am I putting myself on this horrendous challenge and dilema?

Because in today's world, all kinds of voices must be heard. To my surprise, despite my agony and struggle to survive the infancy of this project, the slayers are standing quiet. My mentor in Ottawa, the ace DJ Regina Sosing is like a tutor with a very distracted student she is standing by and watching from afar, giving me pointers and making selfless assurances that things will become better. My good friend, Eve Calma is driving me to the studio so I can relax on the way and be prepared. My roommate who is demanding scripts be done many days ahead so I can rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. My guests trickled in to give their support and tone down all kinds unnerving feelings. What a world of friends lighting the bulb to keep me going.

At Pinoy Radio Studio in Vaughan, ON
And why not? Social media, including internet radio are today's most effective tool to contribute my voice in the large spectrum of storytelling and public service as my radio show progresses. It will become the launching pad of anything profound in name of self independence and social endeavours. My radio show will serve those individuals who wanted to be heard. This is where we can collectively spend some time helping and making connections with various advocacy.

Soon, I will be collaborating with a community leader working a blood bank. I will be meeting up with her so we can figure out how people can donate blood regularly through the help of my radio program. She has been asking me to help promote this thing for a while and now is the time. Blood letting is a noble thing. It saves lives.

As STRAIGHT From Li ERON maneuvered to make it strong, it will also help promote our Entrepreneurial spirits as we slowly bring in individuals to connect with our community through their services, or perhaps, advocacy.

This is a long journey. But with the kind of people and mindset surrounding me; new, innovative and supportive...nothing is truly impossible.

Join me on Sundays-
4-5 PM Eastern Standard Time
Follow this link: Pinoy Radio

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