Filipinos Back Home Need More Charity

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I had a long chat with someone with a brilliant mind. At the end of our conversation, she left a needle stuck in my eye. Her views were real, sincere and inspiring.  And the thing that bothered me most was the question she asked, "Why are politicians and big corporations coming into Canada to Sponsor an event and planned to fund a community centre?" I have no idea with that! And she goes further, "Don't Filipinos back home need that money instead of us?"

I was dumbfounded because I have no idea what she was talking about. She even accuses our media for not saying a thing about it and questioned why? She said everything is on Facebook; the photos, the names, the people involved. I am down east so I have no idea what is going on exactly, except the fact that, yes, why are politicians coming here to put up a project when Filipinos badly needed help?

Who were here? And why is it necessary to build a centre in Toronto at the expense of financial help from politicians from back home? Is it not the North Americans who will instead make investments back home? Aren't rich Filipino-Canadians with monies bring it home to fund projects in there instead of building it here? Our people needs help because they are living in destitute.

The thing that I disagree with the person is that, WE ARE NOT PASSIVE AND SHALLOW that we do not have the ability to ask why? That we do not question what is going on around us. I am so sorry for failing, as a writer, to take notice of what is going on because like what she bluntly told me, we are good at social functions; dance, dinner, festivals. It drowned the real need of our community. Something like the issues of Tuberculosis, that we have ignored. The people who are funding projects back home without the support from our community. The many other things that puts us to shame why are we focused on ourselves and our tiny dreams that we faltered greatly on what must be done for the good of those who really needed it.

Politicians coming to Canada and bring good tidings to our community? Why? Does the president know or are these part of his agenda for economic growth in the Philippines? I am infected by the reasonings of that person. Why are these politicians, rich individuals and corporations indeed bringing money to help our community? How much of this did the Philippine Consulate know?

I think I understand the standpoint of that individual which is really a respectable figure. She wants Filipino-Canadians to come together rather than allowing foreign groups to come to help us. It made sense when the Filipinos living in slum areas needed help, why are these people coming in here and bringing money for our community?

I have no understanding with this and I have no deeper knowledge on this issue. Why would Canadian organizations need funding from the outside? I have to know more to be able to ask and understand why, if  any, politicians or corporations funding our community? Or are we not be bringing our resources back home to help our country?

What is this thing going on? Enlighten me.


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