We Never Knew What Dreams Are Until You Met This Man

Mr. Del Anquilero
Our upbringing taught us to be humble. We felt ashamed at declaring what we have done. In those days when we will try to stand up to say something about ourselves, tomatoes will come dropping like giant ice cubes on a hailstorm. Friends can come choking us with shameful accusations that we are braggart, boastful and that we are lifting our own chair. That was then...

Today is different, especially in a country that promotes independence and self reliance. We have to lift our own chair and we are forced to promote our own self and stand our ground. It will not be about being boastful. It will not be about being good and being better than the rest. It is about making yourself a strong part of your community. That mentality where someone of my colour would readily accused someone of too much pride or simply call you a Narcissist, they are out of touch and they are irrelevant.

Social Media is a tool to bring goodness to society. That drama about Good v. Evil is played everyday. What does the evil represent? A black flag with a skull and the good is represented by every member of society who sow the seeds of goodness to others.

It doesn't matter how we do our part. But we have to say it, scream on top of our lungs...This is what we've done so others will follow. The goal now when we promote what we've done will be about creating and building inspirations. We need to stir that boiling pot and then we will hear someone say, "How the hell did they do it?" Then we have succeeded in bringing that impact to push others to do the same.

Yeah, how did Del Anquilero did it? What's been left of this man to keep pounding the pavement the way he needs to do? He became paraplegic from a freak accident back home many, many years back. From then on, he has fought life like no soldier ever did. Confined in a wheelchair, Del's life didn't end there. He never allowed himself to shed tears for his own misfortunes. He rose even higher.

His journey and dreams of living in Canada was an uphill battle he fought for more than 10 years. He was deported a couple of times, denied landed status. His lawyers never gave up on him arguing his case before he is lifted to an airplane to bring him home against his will. Those odds were insurmountable. So what happens then?

The community in which he created around him stood by him. I stood by him inking letters to support his bid to the immigration. Countless people were like concrete walls around him like cocoons and never let go of him. It was this man's kindness as he wheeled his chair everyday extending help to newcomers despite his great obstacles. He was a rock in his humble surroundings giving assistance to those who needed it.

Del is a mechanic who appeared at our doorsteps when we needed him. He demands nothing, we gave what we can afford. But in all these difficulties of Canadian life, he triumphed over the system that most often, become an adversary. But resiliency, patience and defiance against shattering his won dreams made Del won his battle. He became a landed immigrant last year.

Then he travelled far, driving along Canadian highways, passing through the Northern Territories, places we've never been up to Vancouver where he is trying to build his life with a promise to return in Ontario. A man with a burning spirit successfully sending his kids to school to get degrees.

Del's life has been about advocacy. Since time immemorial, Del has been fighting for many causes in his community. Now God has given him more tools in continuing his journey; his cousin- the Philippine Cabinet Secretary whose fiery pursuit of bringing the Philippines back to its glory has just began.

Millions of Filipinos overseas are building up their own frontiers to assist in rebuilding the Philippines along with Pres. Duterte fighting the evils of past corruptions and inadequacy of leaders sucking the country of its nutrients. Del now have a chance to continue more of his compassionate heart.

The winds have blown on a different direction in favour of those whose heart breath with longings for fairness in our world. Del is the man who gave us the privileged to know his cousin at close proximity so we can feel the energy of a true servant to his people.

Now how will I do my part as a community blogger? I have tons of messages that needs to reach the top for spoiled brats in Philippine government offices overseas who treat themselves like royalties and see OFWs like little lambs. I think the lines are pretty open....