Judith Gonzales Has Taken On A New Platform To Mirror Real Life Stories

Judith Gonzales of Pinoy Dreams
I'm an online prowler, who browsed legitimate and decent websites and all forms of social media platforms. Once I am interested with a certain topic or person, Google search becomes handy. I do that all the time as a writer. Everyone does it. The main thing is that, I don't prowl and obtain public informations to destroy others, to defame and to cause havoc and destruction. I prowl to be informed, to get the facts, which means, I am not using Wikipedia, for one reason: Anyone can edit its contents. I have proven it that Wikipedia, some facts are twisted. For example, I did a researched on the late Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia, whom I knew by heart as my mother's third degree cousin by consanguinity, born at our place. Wikipedia has it that this president was born in Luzon and many other inaccuracies. Even my lecturer in Paralegal has discouraged us completely from using this platform.

JUDITH GONZALES' name has been floating around in Durham Region and as a community leader myself, her name form an interest on me. Who is Judith Gonzales? For quite sometime, I read her profile, followed her links and I build a certain admiration. She was like a silhouette floating in my psyche for a long time because I am interested about people who are actively participating in community efforts. I finally saw her in person in Pickering at a flag raising event where she was carrying a banner for Filcore. I think I approached her and talked to her. She handed me a Filcore magazine. Ah, the blessedness of talking to someone who doesn't know I already knew them.

There was one striking attributes I noticed on that first encounter; she was mellow, polite and courteous. I could also sense that sincerity, which is utmost and first for me to notice in a person. A leader must possess this quality; sincerity, in order to be effective in his/her leadership. I could also tell that she knows everything that she was saying, I mean well versed with the topic. A conversation between two strangers no matter how short and fleeting, reveals a certain persona. I think I like her dedication and her pursuit in helping Caregivers. There was also a sense of determination for her to accomplish what she has in mind; bringing issues to support our community.

Then she was on a radio program- PINOY DREAMS. At that time, I was already holding the hands of Fienne Mendoza trying to bring this very young artist to the spotlight where many of her age were trying to claw their way up as well. I was obsessed in bringing Fienne Mendoza to a new level. At least, one step at a time, finding  and creating a platform for her to shine through.

In early February 2016, Durham Crossover was preparing their team to travel to the Philippines to compete and Mike Cruz was soliciting my support for a send off concert, of course, Fienne Mendoza was one of its main artist alongside Keeana Cerezo. As the date of the concert approaches, I was hoping that Judith Gonzales will attend because I had already in mind of bringing Fienne Mendoza to the airwaves, though online. When I learned that Judith Gonzales was confirmed to attend, I think Fienne Mendoza will remember what I said to her, "Nail it! I want you to nail all your performances because I want Judith Gonzales to notice you. I want you on the radio."

Sometimes, when the desires of your heart are so great, the great unknowns will hear it and form an energy to respond to your silent pleadings because in the middle of Fienne's performance, Judith Gonzales popped up behind me and asked, "Who can I talked to about Fienne Mendoza?" The power of wisdom comes naturally for me as I didn't show that feeling of, "Yes!"....Eaglet did it! The rest is history.

JUDITH GONZALES took Fienne Mendoza to her Pinoy Dreams Radio Show and become its mainstay for over a year now. Now Pinoy Radio Show has taken on a new platform and still, Judith Gonzales and Analyn Aryo (Program Coordinator) is taking Fienne Mendoza to their new environment.

But this blog is not about Fienne Mendoza. I am making emphasis on a woman who has gone through her own struggles in the past. A woman who has weathered the storms in life and now she is sharing her values of success and wisdom to the ones who are just starting on their journeys. Judith Gonzales, being a mentor herself is equipped with the most endearing qualities of a leader; compassionate heart.

PINOY DREAMS radio program showed who Judith Gonzales is; well- educated, glossy feminine character. A woman of many experiences and walked on shattered roads to become who she is today; an epitome of strength and wisdom.

Every Sunday, from 4-5:30 PM, she will delight us with many topics that our community must find time to listen and watch. PINOY DREAMS now at MyRadio Toronto is our own. It mirrors who we are from our past and how we became to be in our new life in Canada.

Put this online radio show in your computers 'Favourites' and join her on Sundays. Fienne Mendoza will entertain you monthly, every third Sunday starting this July 2017.

Watch video below and follow the link: