Fil-Core Support Group Nailed The Word Empowerment And Creativity

JUDITH GONZALES with Ryan Orlanda and Merecyl Spice Couton
Empowered women...and Judith Gonzales will be at the helm when we talk about Advocacy for Caregivers. Having founded the Fil-Core Support Group thirteen years ago, Judith has manifested an unyielding spirit so women can bring back their self- esteem. Through sheer dedication, passion and the will to help Caregivers like her. She build a platform so that Caregivers can cluster and form a solidarity focused on empowerment and creativity. That is the Miss Caregiver Beauty Pageant,

Fil-Core  Support Group this year celebrated a milestone for having run the beauty pageant for ten years already. What an accomplishment because surely, running an event consistently for the last ten years is an enormous undertaking. Making it live that long is amazing. It is also Fil-Core Support Group's 13th year of existence.

The recently concluded 2016 Miss Caregiver showcased not only the ten Candidates vying for the title. It also showcased the leadership skills of the women behind Fil-Core and the organizing Committee that made the event a success.

I've been to many events, some were chaotic and some were really good. It depends on the magnitude of the event and its purpose. When the invitation was extended to me and Fienne Mendoza. I was dealing right away with a woman named Margie Bayanay who requested Fienne's profile and the song. She has a specific open window for me to do it. that alone proved to me one thing; professionalism. Later on I knew she was the  Chairman of Fil-Core Support Group. She also set a date for rehearsal at St. Michael's College School Centre for the Arts.

On the day of the rehearsal, I think this lady came up to me to say hello. She was really polite I think at the end of that day, I got an email or a message thanking us for our time spent at the rehearsal. I always overlooked this simple gesture but Margie Bayanay didn't.

On the day of the event for the 2016 Miss Caregiver, the stage were dominated by women; Ten Candidates and a bunch of dignified looking women from Merecyl Spice Couton whose personality glowed on stage on her lovely gown  as she called on Ma Sherry Lacson to lead the prayer. I cannot remember who else gave speeches. But  women were definitely running the show except for the male Emcee that is Ryan Orlanda.

I remembered a lady speaking eloquently and I guess she was the past immediate Chairman- Christine Duero Salubre. Her speech was meaty and inspiring for Caregivers and women at large. I think Fil-Core Support Group and those that comprises it especially the ones involved in the production for this year's Miss Caregiver Pageant deserved a pat in the back. It was a night of revelation as each member of the production staff called by Judith Gonzales marches on stage with confidence and pride.
It was a night of endearing spirits as I believe that every woman irregardless of what profession they're in, they have to find themselves a part of something worthwhile rather than secluding themselves and then they lost their chances of being counted. According to Judith Gonzales at her show in Pinoy Dreams this Sunday, July 25th- The pageant was not about competition. It was about working together and learning together for a common purpose and that is sharing for charity.

For me, the whole event of Miss Caregiver 2016 is an eye opener. That beyond a Caregiver's derailed growth, somewhere is a promising dawn of progress and authority for oneself in the betterment of the community they belong and of their own.




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