Roy Hamilton III- Multi-Platinum Producer/Music Mentor with Fien Mendoza

Eight months did I knew Fienness Mendoza and since then, we have been walking together on her journey to find her niche in music.

It was me who suggested that she'd join Talent Nation in Hamilton, Ontario so she could gained more knowledge and polished her gift of singing that could lead her to a more professional footing as a young artist. What is good about Fienness is her ability to understand what it is that she needed to do based on the wisdom of those who cared for her.

So off she goes with Talent Nation where she received invaluable trainings from music mentors through bootcamps and the opportunity given for live performances. While Talent Nation was ongoing, Fienness was also recording her cover songs at a professional recording studios in Whitby where the owner is also an artist (multi-awarded) best known as a world class guitarist, Juan Coronado. From the confinements of his studio, this genius in his art gave Fienness brilliant tips of what a singer is and will be. Juan Coronado squeezes the young Fienness at her recording sessions so that the result showed the polished quality of her voice.

She wasn't just busy with other things, Fienness was also set for a debut concert held at Delta Toronto East last November 21, 2015. She had a lot on her plate but Fienness was taking everything in stride. I asked her once to define our relationship; being me her mentor and her as my prodigy. She agreed with all definitions of both words considered and taken into context. It's not carved in stone so any of us can walk away from each other.

Fienness has a soft side and often just sat quietly, typical of 14 yr olds? It is this character that challenges me to always put her on the edge of things with my many demands of nailing her performances all the time. I love throwing people under the bus and watch them fend for themselves. I guess our contrasting character complimented each other. She, I called the "Eaglet" and me an adult eagle who'd push her out from the nest so she'd learn to fly. And it's true, eagles pushed their eaglets out so they'd fly.

Fienness had been performing on many charitable events. Her kindness and generous heart really shine at certain moments when her voice is needed for a cause. We are extremely careful of respecting her and for her to take part in making decisions of what she'd become. I guess we have given her rooms to be matured at dealing things especially when it comes to music. We do not just bring her in with her natural voice. We are also finding ways and opportunities for her to hone it and learn her craft as her journey continues.

Talent Nation puts their acts on stage twice showcasing their individual talents. It also promises to have producers at the final stage of this process who'd pick them or choose from among many to continue the journey with them.

It wouldn't be an end for Fienness Mendoza once her journey with Talent Nation ends and her debut concert done with. Her debut concert puts Fienness Mendoza on centre stage which she carried so well. It made her and let her rise on the occasion and proved that this young girl can actually perform with flying colors. But I never depart from asking myself and the people around me this; What comes next for Fienness Mendoza?

The answer lies with Talent Nation when somebody there was actually sitting with interests on Fienness voice eager to hear her sing live in his presence: ROY HAMILTON III.

ROY HAMILTON III is the grandson of ROY HAMILTON who was a popular singer in the early 50s. You can find his music in Youtube. It is not only him being a third generation of the HAMILTONS. ROY HAMILTON III is also a MULTI-PLATINUM PRODUCER & MUSIC MENTOR. Talent Nation brought our journey to the doorsteps of ROY HAMILTON III who offered Fienness Mendoza to nurture her talent and mentor her and help her find her own music.

Last Saturday we met ROY HAMILTON III at his studio in Toronto. Roy is very reserved, straightforward and friendly. He will now walk with Fienness Mendoza and give her more resources to build herself. This is what she needs...the wisdom of a guru in music. Roy is also elated at being given the opportunity to mentor Fienness Mendoza.

We have been carefully watching her grow. This new phase and crossroad on her journey will help her find her voice in a new and different perspective.

And yes, it will be under the care of Roy Hamilton III.



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