There were several tables for registrations inside St. Christopher C.S. in Oshawa. I was ushered into where the Registration for Tagalog Lessons was and I was surprised it was quite busy. The other tables were registering for Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Tamil.

I went there to lend my support to the community and the people who spearheaded this project for young Canadian Filipinos to learn the language in which their parents and ancestors speak- Tagalog.

The response was overwhelmingly successful. Kudos to the parents who understood the importance of keeping the Filipino heritage and passing it on to the future generations of Canadian Filipinos. I browsed through the info given to me and this is the first of Tagalog Lessons right here in Oshawa for a long while.

The turn out was amazing as it recorded approximately 30 kids registering! The parents were enthusiastic about this being held in Oshawa.

Very commendable for the Filipino parents who worked hard to make this a reality and for parents to heed the call. I heard the messengers were all out to spread the word to everyone, in the mall, at work and in the barber shop. It's amazing.

Classes starts next week. The kids might need books and DFCS- Durham Filipino Canadian Society Inc. is in the prospect of giving their all out support for the needs of the kids. DFCS president was also on site to lend her support on behalf of DFCS.

Caye Diaz from Santa Maria, Bulacan whose husband hails from General Santos City is one of the teachers for this project. I will also suggest she will teach the kids 'Dayang-Dayang' at break time?

An update will come your way.


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