The call to donate 3 lechons (roast pig) and fried chickens for the culmination of the Paring Bol-anon 30th Reunion at Sts. Peter and Paul in Mississauga, Ontario from Talibon group was devoured quickly after I posted it on Facebook.

What is a feast without lechon?
I may look like a wanderer with only a cat to hug and kiss but the reality is...I have families real and acquired along the years ready to jump at any given circumstance.

Talibonians- we are natives from a small town in the Philippines called Talibon- home of two
human beings changing the world through their character and brilliance. And who are they? The late Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia who reign the Philippine politics post WWII. And currently a Bishop, His Excellency Bernardito Auza- Vatican Envoy and Permanent Observer to the UN in New York appointed by Pope Francis last year.

The lechon was in addition to the main group preparing for that event from Corella, Bohol. We were only assisting. I'm not sure if Arcilen Tejano is from Corella? Because she was there like a bee in the kitchen along with many others preparing everything.

Gingging, Freddie, Nelly, Lloyd

At our end from Talibon, actually, I think the lechon was just a little expensive excuse to be there but the real purpose was to say hi to the Bishop who was attending. If only we can pinch his face but we know we couldn't because of his charm and ready smile that never left his face since I knew him in our younger years back then.

Who are my soldier at arms came marching in with their delicious lechon and fried drum sticks? Let me elaborate:

Gingging, Don Pobre, Vicky, Lala
  1. LONNIE AUTIDA- BRITTON from Hamilton, Ontario
  2. CES EVARDO & Family from Toronto, Ontario who was unable to attend...
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Mary Auxtero- Araneta, the Bishop's first degree cousin of Scarborough, Ontario
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Vicky & Randy Luck, Whitby, Ontario
  5. Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Avergonzado, Scarborough
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Gingging Artiaga- Fernando
  7. Mr. & Mrs. Asela Avergonzado- Bangcaya & kids
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Ditto Galapin & family, Ajax

Watch the video and that's how a lovely people they are...the boys and girls scouts without motto. Anyone who needs help is the lightning, the rests are mushrooms who'd sprout at a flash of light.

Talibon group


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