Remember Me Concert

Fundraiser for singing priests from Mindanao, Philippines.

You know how it is when you think high school English class was worthless? Then you are faced with a predicament because you have to read your own script and your mouth suddenly dry up and your lips become immobile you want to just hang on to the podium in the hope your salivary gland works again and help you say the words perfectly? But then it will never help because the truth love cutting classes in your grammar class in high school. Nevertheless you have to give that speech...

But how I delivered my welcome message is irrelevant because what matters are the people that comes next who did an awesome job at the opening number for "Remember Me" Concert at St. Therese Catholic Church in Courtice with the Archdiocese of Cagayan De Oro City in Mindanao, Philippines.

When I organized an event, I always pick some brilliant members of the community mostly Youths who are glittering with talents and how best to give them a platform to shine even in a brief moment. I kept a mental data base of gifted people and or people who have done personal journeys of their own willing to share it with the community.

Within Durham Region, the Cerezo family is always in mind. They have the big heart and aren't selfish at sharing their kids in name of charity. Then recently, I am so impressed with this 14 year old girl in terms of height, charm and voice. Fienness Mendoza is a typical girl at her age off stage who has no fear of telling me to go back to school because my diction was difficult for her. "Tita, I think you should go back to school..." I love her honesty. Fienness looks harmless, the one you love to bully because she is kind of timid. That's just a fiction of her because as you can see on stage, she's a giant with her talent.

We are grateful to these wonderful individuals supporting a good charitable cause.


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