Jam Lazaro debut. Photo: Li ERON

When one belongs to a particular group, it will be unfair when you put comparison between them. Jam Lazaro, as a member of Clique, a singing group who has a concert scheduled for November 14, 2015 at Korean Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto need no comparison at all.

Each one of them shines on their own light at their respective moments. But last September 25, 2015, Jam Lazaro passed through the tunnel of life in order to become a full pledge Debutante, presented in such a manner where elegance is the phrase best suited for her. She sparkled on her evening gown and was full of life.

I've known her simply as a member of Clique where they came and perform for a noble cause- the Annual Leonard Arp Memorial Fundraiser in Oshawa last October 2014. Clique by then was still starting but they were already made by JDL with various appearances. I've met them once at their studio in Scarborough.

Jam is someone who dealt people, in my perspective, with a smile. Never heard her speaking much. She has this aura of quiet and at times, unassuming. She is to me a typical, quiet girl but pleasant. There is that ready smile every time I saw her. But her manner of staring at people and things is evident of a person wanting to know life with deeper meaning. It is a rare disposition of someone her age to take things very seriously.

In 2014, while I was posting something about Simbang Gabi, she message me on Facebook and made inquiries about it. She said she missed Simbang Gabi because she go for Simbang Gabi before coming to Canada. I remember I asked her if she can sing solo. She flatly said no. I always put a spice to this event by having one Filipino artist sing a song every night. I was actually prepared to give her a platform. I invited her to come and join the mass of which she said she'll try. She never came.

Here's what people doesn't know me, as an Indie writer or call it Blogger, I studied people I met quietly. Jam Lazaro is one of those with deep demeanour. She maybe quiet, at least, that's how I perceive her in those few meetings that I had but there something deeper in her. A person who look at life differently, passionately and at times being absorb by it. That's what Jam Lazaro meant to me. I maybe wrong, but she's one of those that could easily be affected by thing s around her and those that matters to her.

Last Friday as she met and greet guests for her Debut Celebration, that sensitivity of a unique grown up girl comes apparent on rare, fleeting moments. She has that sincere, respectful and well- mannered personality, loving and gentle. Her parents must have reared her perfectly into a fine young lady with a class of its own.

There was love across the room for this Debutante. Love and affection are two words that must be earned. It doesn't just come tumbling down. Every person must work for it in order to be loved and respected. Jam Lazaro got
a lot of it in her life. Everyone seems to let her know how special she was. I hope she noticed all of it.  She deserves the best of luck, the best of love and for her to let her two feet stand on the ground and meet the world, no matter how the wind blows in her world. These people who presented her to the world as an elegant Debutante will all be there to lie on the ground ready to catch her.

Jam Lazaro, what a privilege young woman you are to have all these people in your world. You are now a full pledge adult. Rock the world with your charm, wisdom and gifts of a privilege girl.


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