I honestly only knew him as the son of my high school teacher who was very closed to my older brother who died suddenly in 2008. He was one of about 8 priests or more who came to con-celebrate during the memorial mass.

When my father died in 2011, he came at his wake and blessed my father of which we had a brief conversation. During my father's internment, he con- celebrated with my nephew during the requiem mass. I think he left for Manila after that to further his studies.

I found him on Facebook under the name Jose Conrado and is one of my FB friends. Sometimes, we had differing opinions about many topics. He is vocal about many issues which I really admire. It is this honest and direct display of emotions and convictions that can lead to discussions where individual principles are laid and devoured.

At the onset of the war in Syria and the rise of ISIS persecuting Christians. Fr. Jose Conrado hammered the issues in his fiery posts in his timeline. He is always a strong advocate of injustices interjected with his religious knowledge that you can't just ignore him. So I asked him, in response to his pleadings for the world to do something, 'What can we do Father?' He asked to spread the word of what was happening so the world's power will do something.

I re- echoed his sentiments. His passion for the pains and sufferings of the people in the world persecuted and those who became victims of war is astounding. This is the kind of priests that we need today; fearless and fierce in delivering the service for humanity.

At this moment and time, he is at the thick of the Refugee crisis that swept Europe at his location. I commend him for his unwavering spirit in giving assistance to the afflicted and his desire to shower the graces of God through his service and leadership as a priest.

We are behind you Fr. and although our principles collide at times...we are one voice that will resonate to the four corners of the world and sow the seeds of goodness God has asked us to do as Christians.

You are commendable. I have watched you from the distant and how inspiring it is that you live with your teachings and knowledge as a priest. Keep it up Fr. ....we will do our share of the burden this war has done to the world. The way we know how...