Mulan was one of JDL's best within its array of Disney movie theatre productions at Fairview Mall Theatre. The girls were astounding in their portrayals of these popular movie characters. One that was  remarkably played was the soldier, let me hope I am not mistaken as Joseph Cunanan.

I'm not a Choreographer or an acting instructor but you can tell a performer who does his impersonation commendable. It means, he played that role so well; the execution, the absence of stiffness in his face that reveals nervousness. It wasn't there.

He was as calculated in his portrayal that I started to think if he was a JDL student or an import? But the JDL booklet given to me put him in JDL's art class 2014. So he must be at a higher level. His vocals too was as smooth as his acting.

Well, how I wish I had a script to write. This one's on my list definitely as he is ripened in his artistic talent by JDL. Like the many who came to play their roles.